Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 137: Waiting for the world to end before I can have purpose

Waiting for doomsday? Waiting for someone to kick you under your but? Waiting for a calamity before having a purpose? Waiting for someone to die before you’re able to move?

All of these applications are how we have dumbed down ourselves to only ‘react’ to our environment, where we require an external ‘pressure’ to justify to ourselves that we are allowed to ‘move’ ourselves. It is like we only give ourselves permission to act / to move, if a terrible event has happened.

When we have bought a comfortable existence for ourselves - we are shielded from the atrocities of the world, and we claim innocence as we do not see how we are directly participating in the creation of the system that creates the world as it exists. We hide within our little boxes called our homes and towns and only seek for entertainment to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, never actually facing what is here within and as the physical expression of what we have created on earth, as we do not see how we as an individual can actually make a change where we are able to create a life that is worthwhile living.

So we wait and we wait and we wait for a calamity to occur where we can then play saviour, where we can then justify our actions of taking charge because we believe that we are only allowed to change, when our physical reality as our physical environment have given us permission through the ‘wrongs’ that were done onto us; because we believe that we require a reason to act, we believe that we require this calamity to generate the energy as an emotional body within and as ourselves that will give us our purpose in life – where we can state that we will no longer accept what has been done unto us or another that we know.

The world ‘warts and all’ is the way it is through our direct acceptances and allowances of what we had allowed to manifest through our participation within and as the world systems that is currently at our disposal. We require to interact with the systems as it supplies us with food, shelter, social interaction, yet it is these exact systems that is creating a separation between those who have and those who do not, which have consequential outflows of inequality, which have consequential outflows where we create social classes separating ourselves from others, which have consequential outflows of creating groups of people whom we want and do not want to associate ourselves with, which have consequential outflows of ‘us’ vs ‘them’ where we do not trust ‘them’ and want to go to war with ‘them’ as ‘their’ ways of living do not conform to ‘ours’ and we should protect ‘us’ from ‘them’.

We are the creators of our reality and once we realise what it is that we accept and allow ourselves to participate within and as, we will give to ourselves the understanding of how we are creating the world. Thus we start with ourselves as we realise that what we accept and allow ourselves to participate within and as, is how we manifest our outer reality within the world as the systems that we participate within.
We thus give ourselves purpose by allowing ourselves to see what we have created within this world, not waiting for these events to happen to us, but instead bringing those events ‘here’ that happens to others and seeing within and as ourselves how we as humanity have accepted and allowed these events to manifest within and as the physical, then allowing ourselves to take responsibility for these events by applying self forgiveness in our part of contributing to the creation of this point and then directing oneself to stand clear within and as oneself to no longer accept and allow self’s participation in the manifestation and creation of the point.

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