Friday, 21 September 2012

Day 126: Abraham Hicks – Life is supposed to be fun continued…

So – To recap what we looked at within the previous blog:

We create our internal reality through the judgments that we place on the experiences that we have. Thus when placing a positive judgment on an experience and focusing our attention on the positive experiences in life, we create experiences within the physical where we see ourselves as having positive experiences and thus we begin to see ourselves as enjoying ourselves. Similarly, when we focus on the things that have a negative judgment on, we start to feel burdensome as the negative polarity is a heavy weight to carry, which leads to misery and depression. But both of these polarities are perceptual events that we are accepting and allowing ourselves to create within our internal reality within and as ourselves. The positive or negative judgments that we made is our first allowance, our acceptance of the feeling (joy) or emotion (depression) that accompanies the judgment is our second allowance, and our final allowance within and as ourselves is where we actually believe that this is who we had become; we state that we are ‘happy’ or that we are ‘depressed’, not understanding and realising that we had accepted and allowed ourselves to, through our own judgments, create this experience within and as ourselves of ourselves.

It is within this realisation, that we are creating an alternate reality within and as ourselves, through our acceptances and allowances of what it is that we allow ourselves to participate within, as thoughts, backchat, emotions and feelings, that we allow ourselves to see that we are no longer participating within what is here within and as the physical, but seeing the physical reality through our pre-programmed designs of how we had accepted and allowed ourselves to polarise experience and thus judge experiences as less or as more than what they are within and as the physical; thus giving us the energy that is required to charge our feelings or our emotions to become the expressions of the pre-programmed designs that we had chosen to live out into and as the physical; thus creating a parallel reality to the physical within and as ourselves, where we are living our experiences as emotions and feelings according to the judgments that we had given the experiences that we had experienced.

Effectively through this we are able to see that positive thinking and negative thinking are 2 sides of the same coin – meaning both are alternate realities that we are creating within and as ourselves where we ‘make ourselves’ feel good about ourselves or me ‘make ourselves’ feel bad about ourselves, using our physical environment as the stimulants of the judgments that we carry and thus the confirmations of the belief systems that we had created within and as ourselves.

Yet neither of these two alternate realities are taking into consideration the actuality of what is here within and as the physical. Within the next blog we will investigate this point further.

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